The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 5

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 5 v2

I know it’s been five days since the last update. I’ve been having issues of several kinds. I’m aware that the second last panel (the one with the power on/off symbol) makes the page dumber. So I’ll update this page in particular in the future, probably when it has more visits or something. I’m planning on replacing that panel with something better. When the time comes, I’ll update it.

So! Madison is still skeptical about the wonderful Yuri Paradise. Sure, there is evidence about its existence, but it’s still weak.

Now, what will happen in the next morning? Will Madison finally contact her girlfriend to save their relationship? Or maybe she’ll try to look more evidence about the Yuri Paradise? Or probably… Well, I should stop writing now.

See you soon!

Update 1: as for 08/07/2019, I’ve updated a few panels. To be more precise, I updated one of the forum posts, replacing “Onii-chan” by “Onee-chan” (in case you don’t know Japanese, “Onii-chan” means brother, and “Onee-chan” means sister), and replacing the power empty symbol with a panel of Madison’s hand pressing the button on the computer. If you wanna compare this version to the first one, here you go.

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