The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 11

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 11

Long time no see, huh?

I’ve should’ve posted this earlier, believe it or not it was done one or two weeks ago. The problem was that I had no Internet connection at the time (WiFi) and while I have mobile data, I only use it for quick things like browsing websites that don’t have too many elements (videos, pics, ads…), and to check my comments. Therefore the consume will be minimum so I can have all the data needed for me for the month.

If I want to upload a pic or watch a video online, I’d rather do it on WiFi. 😛

As you can see, Beth’s starting to train Madison’s butt! 🙂

Take care!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 10

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 10

Sorry, sorry I was so late again. It’s all my fault for one stupid mistake I made.

I was drawing the second panel, and as I was drawing their assholes and pussies I was too focused on drawing them while I was going trial and error, hitting CTRL + Z frequently. “Okay, but what’s that gonna do with it?”

The stupid mistake was receiving the famous Blue Screen of Death. And I didn’t hit CTRL + S in a very long while. And CTRL + S stands for “save file”. Imagine my frustration.

It happened when I finished the color layer and while I was drawing the shading. Anyway, I last saved in the beginning of the process and I was drawing the most essential parts of the panel, but it was really tiring to draw it and try to make it as close as it was in my lost version.

Did you forget that Beth wasn’t into foot kinks only? Think again and revise the first chapter! 🙂

It’s Wednesday and it’s gonna be a hard ride going back to business as usual.

Take care, everyone!