The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 8

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 8

Madison is becoming slowly more receptive to the sexual advances Lily has for her, it seems!

Ladies and gentlemen. A few posts I mentioned on I’m planning to update a few pages from the first chapter, provide fixes, etc… Today I updated the Page 5 of Chapter 1, with the added description on what’s replaced and what’s added. I’m aware it’s small and it doesn’t add anything important to the story.

But in the end of the day, I believe that’s better that promising something and not doing it afterwards. Even after months have been passed.

Take care, everyone!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 7

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 7

I promised to focus more on The Yuri Paradise, and you will get pages. 🙂

This time I improvised on the panels’ structure. At first I thought in doing it in 7 panels, but for this reason and another reason, I ended doing it in 8.

I’ve recently hit the number of 2200 visits to this page! Thank you all the readers from all the world, for reading this project! I know it’s going slow, but I’m grateful for this opportunity you gave me to go further! 😀

Take care!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 6

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 6

I’m really sorry for the latest signs of inactivity on this comic (it’s been a month!). I’m starting to have a hard time keeping updated my other projects, including this one.

Good news is that I’ve got a bit more free time for some kind of, let’s say, special summer schedule at work. I think I gotta postpone my other comic, Geek Roommates, for a while to update The Yuri Paradise more in order to compensate it.

Take care!