The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 11

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 11

Long time no see, huh?

I’ve should’ve posted this earlier, believe it or not it was done one or two weeks ago. The problem was that I had no Internet connection at the time (WiFi) and while I have mobile data, I only use it for quick things like browsing websites that don’t have too many elements (videos, pics, ads…), and to check my comments. Therefore the consume will be minimum so I can have all the data needed for me for the month.

If I want to upload a pic or watch a video online, I’d rather do it on WiFi. ๐Ÿ˜›

As you can see, Beth’s starting to train Madison’s butt! ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 10

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 10

Sorry, sorry I was so late again. It’s all my fault for one stupid mistake I made.

I was drawing the second panel, and as I was drawing their assholes and pussies I was too focused on drawing them while I was going trial and error, hitting CTRL + Z frequently. “Okay, but what’s that gonna do with it?”

The stupid mistake was receiving the famous Blue Screen of Death. And I didn’t hit CTRL + S in a very long while. And CTRL + S stands for “save file”. Imagine my frustration.

It happened when I finished the color layer and while I was drawing the shading. Anyway, I last saved in the beginning of the process and I was drawing the most essential parts of the panel, but it was really tiring to draw it and try to make it as close as it was in my lost version.

Did you forget that Beth wasn’t into foot kinks only? Think again and revise the first chapter! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Wednesday and it’s gonna be a hard ride going back to business as usual.

Take care, everyone!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 8

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 8

Madison is becoming slowly more receptive to the sexual advances Lily has for her, it seems!

Ladies and gentlemen. A few posts I mentioned on I’m planning to update a few pages from the first chapter, provide fixes, etc… Today I updated the Page 5 of Chapter 1, with the added description on what’s replaced and what’s added. I’m aware it’s small and it doesn’t add anything important to the story.

But in the end of the day, I believe that’s better that promising something and not doing it afterwards. Even after months have been passed.

Take care, everyone!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 7

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 7

I promised to focus more on The Yuri Paradise, and you will get pages. ๐Ÿ™‚

This time I improvised on the panels’ structure. At first I thought in doing it in 7 panels, but for this reason and another reason, I ended doing it in 8.

I’ve recently hit the number of 2200 visits to this page! Thank you all the readers from all the world, for reading this project! I know it’s going slow, but I’m grateful for this opportunity you gave me to go further! ๐Ÿ˜€

Take care!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Page 6

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Page 6

I’m really sorry for the latest signs of inactivity on this comic (it’s been a month!). I’m starting to have a hard time keeping updated my other projects, including this one.

Good news is that I’ve got a bit more free time for some kind of, let’s say, special summer schedule at work. I think I gotta postpone my other comic, Geek Roommates, for a while to update The Yuri Paradise more in order to compensate it.

Take care!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 2 – Cover

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 2 - Cover

Sorry I took so long, folks! Chapter two is here!

As you can see, The Yuri Paradise has a new style, a new more “manga” so to speak, I was practicing and practicing until I thought “Okay, time to continue with this!” because it’s been almost half a year without any updates.

I changed my style on drawing the backgrounds too, I’ll keep drawing backgrounds without lines and see what happens.

Nothing much to say on that one, except I’m glad to take this project again!

Take care!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 26

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 26

This time it took me a long while making this page. There were several factors, and I think dialogue is a big one in this page, it’s been difficult creating a dialogue between these two characters, and honestly I’m not even convinced that this dialogue might work and I may probably change it in a future.

But it’s been two weeks already since the last page and I’m tired of wondering “will people like this?” and such. I only have myself to judge these parameters before releasing a new page.

I’m sure I’ll replace the dialogue for something better in the future. I’ll figure it out.

Take care, everyone!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 25

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 25

New character! People, meet- Well, some people already know nothing else than her appearance and her full name if they’ve been following me in other places for a long time. Even if you’re welcome to go to my DeviantArt, Minds, Gab and Tumblr, I prefer to not say her name yet.

Anyway, this page went quicker than I thought. It was five days since the previous page, I’m quite impressed!

So, will Madison’s new friend go easy on her or will rape Madison like Chloe did with her? What do you think? ๐Ÿ˜›

Stay safe!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 24

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 24

Well. At least Chloe is a woman of her word.

Nothing much to add about, I’ve had a rough week in several areas of my life and I’m trying to sort myself out. At least I’ve been able to update this week. I’m physically okay, don’t worry, I’ve got my arms, my legs, my head… No one killed me yet, lol, but I am starting to feel less optimistic for the day of tomorrow each day.

However, that doesn’t stop me from uploading.

Take care of yourselves and your minds, people!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 23

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 23

And then Madison said “I came!”.

It took me a while, even for a few panels. I was busy doing a few pieces of fanart and a nice update that might come in handy for all of you: the Archive and the Gallery pages!

The archive will allow you to navigate any page you want with a nice and organized list. Simple as that. You can use it to continue where you left the story or to see your favorite page again without going “Next/Previous page” over and over again.

The gallery? It’s just a collection of artwork related to The Yuri Paradise.

Don’t forget to wash your hands, people!