The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 22

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 22

You probably noticed that Madison makes use of a somewhat selective set of words when describing things and actions. For example, instead of “pussy”, Madison prefers to say “vagina” instead, while other characters like Chloe use the word “pussy”.

That is something I wanted to put in the page, probably after the Chapter 1 is done. At the moment there’s nothing special on the page (like pictures with links or a better cover for the page).

Now that things are more linked than ever, what’s next for Madison in the next page…?

Take care!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 21

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 21

The cycle is closing, people!

It’s been a rough weekend and sadly I could’ve uploaded this page at Sunday or Saturday. On another hand, I’ve been also creating stuff of the comic, like this and this. A gallery wouldn’t be so bad.

I’m glad you’re going this far to read this thing! Take care!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 20

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 20

You may probably know this after reading this page: the three panels in the middle and the last two panels are sequences that happen at the same time. I thought in putting some arrows and texts like “Hey, these things happen at the same time!” but then I changed my mind on this one. You’re smarter than that. 🙂

I’m really considering on engaging on social media even more. And I don’t mean only Minds and Gab, but also Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. I don’t know about Facebook, honestly, given that they’re selling private users’ info and installing spying cookies, but on the other hand they provide lots of engagement because of how popular they are.

I’ll see what I can do from here. Keep enjoying these lewd and explicit pages! ;D

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 19

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 19

Well, Chloe may be taking Madison’s virginity, but at least she won’t have any kids!


I’ve been carefully thinking in including futanari girls (AKA girls with dicks) in the Yuri Paradise comic, even before I started drawing it. At first I intended to include futas but I changed my mind and decided to include these “smartstrapons” instead.

The reason? Because the name “The Yuri Paradise” has the name Yuri which implies it’s a paradise only for females, not for futas. If I included futas, then the name wouldn’t have any sense, it would be named something like “The Futa Paradise” or “The Futanari Paradise”.

I’ve been gaining more views the more pages I’ve been uploading! The page now reached 500 page views! Thank you everyone!

Have a fantastic day!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 18

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 18

“Since when enlargement is considered onomatopoeia?”
“Oh shut up.”

Now that summer is ending, routine starts going on again, with work, getting up at 3:00 AM just to draw… I feel a little uncomfortable, but that’s okay, I think. Some people asked me to not take this seriously and just be comfortable, I disagree. You get things done being uncomfortable, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I hope you’re liking this story, I’ll try to manage better my schedule so I can make more pages per week if I can.

Take care!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 17

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 17

I needed to address these characters some day, right? While Lily seems to be the more romantic type, Beth is the one who is kinkier.

In my other social media I’ve already posted pics about my characters, even one that didn’t appear in the comic yet. I’m considering in putting a characters’ list with their bio, personality, likes and dislikes…

See you!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 15

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 15

Before anything else, I must apologize for the lack of updates on the comic. Despite I was having vacations, I was still working on the comic… the thing is that the Internet was so slow that I had to move to certain places just to say online “guys, I’m still alive, but I can’t upload things until I’m back“.

Internet issues aside, this was the most complicated page I’ve ever drawn for The Yuri Paradise, and it has to do with the second panel, that is how Madison’s juice is drawn. At first it was colored black and white, then considered in coloring it in yellow or beige but it might be mistaken for urine, so in the end I decided to color it blue and modified the opacity for the layer.

I had no internet at the time I was drawing this. What do you think of Madison’s cum? Do you think I can improve it? Can you lend me good examples of it?

I’ve drawn a couple more pages, I’ll upload them soon!

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 14

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 14

Alright, two pages in four days! Not bad!

This time I wanted to try that X-ray thing that it’s commonly shown in other hentai works, but since there was specific examples in hentai comics (and with specific examples, I meant examples that dismissed certain parts of anatomy), so I decided to adventure myself in famous sites such as Danbooru and Gelbooru for more general examples.

I don’t want to pretend that I’m a genius or anything like that for doing this, people use references all the time. Though it’s my first time drawing x-ray… be gentle with me. *blushes*

Get well, everyone. Have fun in the Summer! 🙂

The Yuri Paradise – Chapter 1 – Page 13

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 13

I’m really sorry for these two weeks of inactivity in The Yuri Paradise! In these two weeks I was preparing something big and it’s taking me hours to complete everything so I need to reassess my schedule in order to do everything but little by little. I still can’t say any word about this big thing -because I don’t like to announce things and then delaying these. Like Half-Life 3, for example. 😛

I’m starting to reconsider the number of panels per page. Should I do more pages with less panels or should I make less pages with more panels? I may choose the first option because there’ll be more detailed panels if they are bigger.

See you soon, take care!